Yomdel Live Connect

Transfer the hottest prospects direct from live chat to a voice call to create exceptional high-converting leads

Yomdel Live Connect enables the hottest prospects to be transferred direct from live chat into a voice call with your sales team to create exceptional high-converting leads. Clients report sales conversion rates three time higher on prospects passed through via Yomdel Live Connect.

Yomdel’s trained operators offer visitors the opportunity to speak to a member of your team immediately. We simply patch them through to you and you can then close the business. No fuss, just great customer service.

This unique service helps avoids the problem of a lead cooling down by enabling you to speak with a prospective customer immediately. You can be connected to a prospect at the very moment they are showing their strongest interest.

For the first time, you can now speak with more live prospective customers on your website than ever before.


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