What is Live Chat?

Here at Yomdel we’re experts at 24/7 fully-managed live chat. Whether you’re a small yet busy business or a large blue-chip company, we know what works best to give you exceptional results.

In its simplest form live chat is initiated by placing a piece of code on your website that allows visitors to engage in text-based chat with you in real time. But the hardest thing of all is in resourcing live chat as it is driven by the customer. You have to be ready whenever the visitor wants to chat. The solution to this is in using experts to staff the live chat function leaving your key personnel to follow up the strong leads live chat generates.

Managed Live Chat
Yomdel’s fully managed 24/7 live chat service  makes no demands on your staffing resource whilst ensuring that you’re always online and never miss an opportunity to generate sales or leads. From a resourcing perspective the benefits of having a managed live chat provider as opposed to handling live chat yourself are numerous:

  • Targeted correctly our live chat can increase website leads by 50%
  • Live chat is available on your website 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – we work even whilst you sleep
  • Yomdel’s live chat operators respond to questions within 15 seconds meaning web visitors are never left hanging
  • Website visitors love it – post chat surveys result in 95% satisfaction scores
  • Every operator is trained specifically on your business and your products or services so can answer questions confidently

Whether you’re a major global business or a small niche enterprise, Yomdel has operator-backed live chat solutions that place you ahead of the competition.

Find out more about the benefits of Yomdel’s live chat.


How the Yomdel live chat service is set up

Step 1    Sign up

Your Yomdel Sales Manager can recommend the best package for your business based on the monthly visitor traffic you receive and any additional services that may be of value to you

Step 2    Complete the Business Questionnaire.

This covers business-specific questions such as opening hours, points of contact for different scenarios, address details etc.

Step 3    Knowledge Bank creation

The knowledge bank contains all of the information that a website visitor may want to ask about your products or services. Yomdel pre-populates 95% of the knowledge bank on your behalf, meaning you just need to add a few details, check and sign off. Yomdel makes this an extremely easy and smooth process and you will be impressed by the results.

Step 4    Place the code on your website

If you have direct access you can simply drop the one line of code onto the website. Alternatively we can liaise with your website administrator.  It really is a five minute job.

Step 5    Training the live chat team

The Yomdel live chat operators allocated to your business will undertake test chats and any additional required training to ensure they are able to professionally represent your business.

Step 6    Act on the leads coming in

This is your responsibility! Yomdel will generate strong qualified leads where people will be expecting further contact from you.


We love to chat, if you’ve got a questions about Yomdel or any of our services, get in contact and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Or you can use the online chat below.