Ewemove Case Study

Ewemove, a rapidly expanding UK estate agency franchise, has successfully used Yomdel to provide 24/7 managed live chat services since October 2014. By the end of 2015, it had grown to become a network of 80 estate agent branches across the country.

The Challenge

Estate agency is very competitive, and for new EweMove branches opening in different towns the brand had a standing start versus often very well established local competition. EweMove wanted to find a way to grow its business through contacting more potential sellers and landlords, while providing great customer service.


The Approach

Live chat was added to the EweMove website in October 2014. The specialist Yomdel live chat operators then successfully engaged with 6% to 7% of website visitors, many of whom were on the EweMove website outside of office hours. From the contact with the website visitors, an average of 40% converted into leads

The Solution

In 2015, on average 32% of all leads captured were from prospective sellers and landlords seeking market appraisals. In August, that figure went as high as 41%, while in November it was 39%. Given that most people will have two or three valuations before going on the market, the volume of new potential business was significant. The overall ROI on the Yomdel service runs into hundreds of percent.

As many as one person in four who chats will leave feedback and that feedback is overwhelmingly positive. Across 2015, more than 90% of all people leaving comments after chatting said their experience was positive. This is yet another factor in helping EweMove create brand ambassadors to improve Net Promoter Scores and, importantly, then help branches convert leads from vendors or landlords into instructions.

Yomdel is an integral part of EweMove as it continues to expand as one of the major estate agency brands in the UK.
– 32% of all Yomdel leads generated are for sellers or landlords wanting market appraisals.
– 50% of all chats take place outside office hours.
– 40% of chats convert to qualified lead.
– Customer satisfaction is over 90%

“We saw live chat as a really good way of engaging with people.

We found the uptake was far higher than we got from just using our conventional static website typically giving over 60 leads per month using the live chat which we wouldn’t have otherwise got. For us as a franchisor, it means more business.”

Glenn Ackroyd — Head Shepherd
EweMove - Franchisee Recruitment

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